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I Am Beautiful, And So Are You

Aaliyah Siddiqui

1. The day is yet to come!

The past was deep,
Now, need not to weep!
It’s all gone.
Leaving you alone.
But, the hope’s in my heart.
For, there’ll be a new start!
Because the day is yet to come.
When they’ll all return.

Future is yet to arrive,
So you need to survive!
Because, I dreamt of it day and night,
Life’s only one!
So just, learn, learn and learn
Because, the day is yet to come,
When, they’ll all return.

2. Nights- I

The night was a usual one.
The stars were shining; the moon was up,
But deep down in a man’s heart
It made him realize, how badly he was hurt!
The seriousness of the moon was yelling at him
Making his eyes go dim and dim.
He was haunted by an emotional breakdown,
He was counting up all the seconds now!
Then that one thought stuck his mind;
That be dead or alive, no one will mind!
He preferred to leave the Earth,
Rather than regretting his own birth!

3. Nights- II

I once admired the last of the night.
The dawn was up and no one in sight!
Only those birds chirping aloud,
The colours started to appear on the clouds!
The shimmering moon was deep down,
The sky started to wear the sun like a crown.
The pretty morning was getting on
The gloomy still beautiful nights were gone!
Some were up to chase their dreams true,
While many still in their beds waiting for their
‘Dreams to come true.’

4. I Am Beautiful and So Are You

I am beautiful and so are you!
I am beautiful, I am not filtered,
I am beautiful because I am real.
I am beautiful, just like the raindrop showers.

I am beautiful and so are you!
Because He created me, and He created you.
That’s why we are all beautifully imbued,
I am beautiful and so are you!
Prettier than the stars even more than the rainbow hues.
I am beautiful and so are you!
More than the burgeoning flower even more than the Autumn’s adieu.

Look deep inside and experience the eternal beauty of yours
And accept you are beautiful too!
I am beautiful I cry in the pain of others.
Every teary eye, every gloomy face bothers.
We are all beautiful in all our own ways.
No matter whatever others say,
I am beautiful and so are you!
Shining prettier than the sun,
Smiling prettier than the moon.

5. Falling

I remember and always will!
How harsh I was treated when I was ill.
No, the illness wasn’t what you could see.
It was something undefined killing me.
Everyday it took me to the depth of an unknown darkness.
Which wanted me to cave in.
I survived.
Just for the sake to thrive,
Thrive into a blossoming flower!
Scenting it’s surroundings.
But, I fail,
Miserably I fail.

I keep on trying to come out of this
Undulating strain.
I am afraid of the day I’ll give in to
The hole of gloom.
I’m afraid if I’ll ever be able to bloom.
Save me before it’s too late
Save me from the ceaseless hate.

6. Persona

Do you know about those innumerable nights,
I’ve cried myself to sleep?
How would you? You never really paid any heeds.

I am tired.
Tired of waiting for that one time.
Someone listens to me.
I’m tired of hiding the real me.
The persona I wear to hide my rears.
Will slowly fade away. I-
I just want to run away.

I’m tired of listening.
Now, I want to speak.
I want to let my tears gush down
I want to scream!
I want all of this to terminate.
But I guess this is my only fate.


Aaliyah Siddiqui

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