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P.S. Sri's The Temple Elephant: A Bestiary with
Socio-Political and Spiritual Message

Varun Gulati M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D. (Candidate)


P.S. Sri, a scholar and researcher, is an Indian author, based in Canada, with a fresh-found voice in the realm of Indian English Literature. Sri lived in Chennai and obtained his M.A. English there. Later he moved outside India and received a degree of Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. Sri has wide-ranging experience of teaching and research on a variety of themes, and at present he is serving as a professor of Comparative Literature in the department of English at Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario.

Sri has authored a book T.S. Eliot, Vedanta and Buddhism and also a collection of his short stories and poems appeared in The Blue Heron Press Anthology: New Voices from Kingston and Scapes. Sri is a recipient of many prestigious awards including the Canadian Federation of Humanities Grant.

The Temple Elephant

Elephant Worship

'The Temple Elephant', a novelette, is a median work of Sri expressing his close association to India including its religious, social and political milieu. One can sense that his agonies and exaltation are revealed in the form of metaphors and touching symbols used in the novel.

The story takes us back to the time of the British Raj, and is an odyssey from the ancient temple Guruvayoor, located at Trichur (Kerala), to South Indian forests including a visit to an ashram.

Kesava: An Emblem of Animal Intelligence and Wisdom

The story opens with a temple elephant named Kesava, who performs the greatest honour of carrying the stone image of bewitching child god Krishna as a ritual of daily procession in Guruvayoor temple. Kesava, the narrator of the story and a namesake of god Krishna himself, receives great love and tenderness from his mahout Madhavan, who decorates him with a tilaka, sandal paste, gem-encrusted gold plate and silver cups edged with the blue tassels.

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Varun Gulati
Department of English
S.A. Jain Institute of Management & Technology
Ambala City -134003

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