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Volume 3 : 9 September 2003

Editor: M. S. Thirumalai, Ph.D.
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Brief Notices

Linguistic Cultural Identity and International Communicatio

Linguistic Cultural Identity and International Communication

Editors: Johann Vielberth & Guido Drexel

Published by AQ-Verlag Weinbergweg 16 D-66119 Saarbrücken.
2003. ISBN: 3-922441-81-5, ISSN: 0724-3130.


Johann Vielberth ... An Idea for an International system of Communication.

Anjuli Gupta-Basu ...Developing a System of Communication: Initial Principles, Practical results and work prospects.

B. Mallikarjun ... Globalization and Indian Languages.

Mahendra K. Verma ... Globalization and Language: Diversity in India.

Matthias Brenzinger ... Language and Conceptual Diversity under Threat: Language Endangerment on the African Continent.

Tove Skutnabb-Kangas & Robert Phillipson ... Can languages other than English benefit from globalisation and Europeanisation? Language policy and language rights challenges.

Lenore A. Grenoble ... Globalization: who is left behind?

Christian Lehmann . . . On the idea of a universal language

Ulrich Ammon ... Language and identity With an outlook on Scientific Communication and on the Language Situation in the European Union.

Klaus Steinke ... Cultural identity and mother tongue-the necessity for globalization and regionalism.

Reinhard Fossmeier ... Globalisation and Non-Instrumental Motivation in Language Usage.

Winfried Schmitz-Esser ... Meaning, Understanding, and the Organization of Knowledge in a Multilingual World - New Tools for new Tasks: Ontologies.

Lindsay J. Whaley ... Typological Diversity and Language Endangerment.

Feng Zhiwei ... Linguistic Divergence in Machine Translation.

Helma Pasch ... Status and use of Autochthonous vs. Imported Languages for International Communication in Africa.

No. of Pages 222.

Language Trends in Asia

Babel or Behemoth: Language Trends in Asia
Editors: Jennifer Lindsay & Tan Ying Ying

Published by Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, AS7, Level 4, Shaw Foundation Building, 5 Arts Link, Singapore-117 570. 2003.

ISBN : 981-04-9075-5.


Anthony Reid ... Technology and Language: Negotiating the third Revolution in the Use of Language.

Joseph Lo Bianco ... The Big Picture’, Goenawan Mohamad-‘Pasemon: On Allusion and Illusions.

Udaya Narayana Singh ... Life after Death: Patterns of Language Loss in South Asia.

Rujaya Abhakorn ... Education and Language Choice in Southeast Asia.

Azirah Hashim ... Language Policies and Language Education Issues in Malaysia.

Eddie Kuo and Bjorn Jernudd ... Balancing the Macro-and Micro-Sociolinguistic Perspectives in Language Management: The Case of Singapore.

Benedict Anderson ... Dictionary Politics.

Jennifer Lindsay ... Performing Across the Sound Barrier.

Koichi Iwabuchi ... Pop culture’s Lingua Franca: Language and Regional Popular Cultural Flows in East Asia.

Tan Ying Ying ... Reading the Census: Language Use in Asia.

No.of Pages 210.

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